2000 Governor's commendation

This year's Minnesota Governor's Commendation award for GIS was presented at the MN GIS/LIS Consortium annual conference October 2000 to:

  • The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Data Deli website. The site reflects the council's guiding principle by providing GIS as a public resource that is widely available at a reasonable cost. In fact, it provides GIS data through its website at no cost to anybody that may have a need for the data. The Data Deli promotes widespread use of government data investments, supports the DNR "enterprise" all over the state and provides responsive service to the public through a "self-service, come and get it" strategy. The Deli makes available nearly 50 public agency data sets from DNR's GIS data repository, it welcomes over 400 users per week and it bundles over 1,600 data requests per month.