2004 Governor's Commendation

This year's Minnesota Governor's Commendation awards for GIS were presented at the GIS/LIS Conference in St. Cloud, Minnesota, October 5, 2004 to:

  • Environmental Data Access System (EDA): The EDA system provides easy access to water quality data collected by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and more than a dozen other local, state and federal organizations. Discussions with stakeholders molded a system design that meets their needs; letters from local government, environmental organizations and the private sector enthusiastically supported this award. The system became operational in July 2003 and within a year had more than 1,000 users displaying approximately 17,000 pages of results while downloading almost 3,000 sets of data.

    Air quality data will be available in the near future on the EDA system, while ground water quality data is scheduled for inclusion in 2005. The Environmental Data Access System is meeting the needs of the state for quick and free access to data, resulting in better environmental decisions.
  • Statewide FSA Orthoimagery Cooperative: The pioneering spirit of decision-makers at four state agencies and the federal Farm Service Agency (FSA) led to this model cooperative agreement that now supplies up-to-date digital aerial photographs to all levels of government, the private sector and citizens across Minnesota. FSA color orthoimages were gathered at a cost one-tenth of what was required a decade ago and released for public distribution just three months later.

    The images now act as detailed electronic maps that provide resourceful information technologists with the data for hundreds of new uses. Almost two-terabytes of imagery have been served online through state websites to over 14,000 users. The images have proven invaluable to local governments for detecting growth trends and other changes in their communities and preparing for emergencies and the demands they put on public services. Private firms use these innovative maps for engineering site planning, compliance with government reporting requirements and providing base mapping services.

    Award recipients were:
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