Elevation Data for Minnesota

This first-stop information website provides an overview of major elevation GIS datasets, maps, and general information available for Minnesota.

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  • LiDAR: Current technology for collecting high resolution elevation data
  • Raster Data/Shaded Relief: Sources of grid cell data, including shaded relief graphics
  • Contour/Point Data: Sources of line and point data
  • Topo Maps: USGS topographic maps, both printed and digital; quadrangle codes and boundaries
  • General Info: Inventories of existing and planned data; groups working to improve elevation data; standards

For bathymetry (water depth) data, see the Surface Water - Lakes webpage.

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Contact and update information

The information on these webpages represents MnGeo's most up-to-date understanding of elevation data for Minnesota. If you know of other publicly available elevation information sources, please let us know:  gisinfo.mngeo@state.mn.us
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