MME: Minnesota Metadata Editor

MME software allows users to view and edit metadata (documentation) using the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines (MGMG). MGMG is a streamlined version of a national metadata standard. MME requires only Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 to run, although Microsoft Access is required to edit the database.

Download and Use

MME runs as a portable application and needs no installation. It does not interact with Windows or ArcGIS. Running the application from a network drive is not recommended.

Help / Questions


  • MME is a customized version of the EPA's Metadata Editor v. 3.1.1. Thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency and Innovate! Inc. for providing free source code for EPA Metadata Editor v. 3.1.1 and permission to customize it.
  • MME was customized by the Metadata Workgroup of the MnGeo Standards Committee. Thanks to Metadata Workgroup members for development and testing, and most notably Jim Gonsoski, Metropolitan Council, for programming. Thanks as well to volunteers who tested the beta version.

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