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*** NorthStar Mapper Retired October 31, 2016 ***

NorthStar Mapper was built on older technology that MnGeo could no longer maintain, so it retired on October 31, 2016. Unfortunately, no resources are currently available to create a replacement site using new technology.

Suggestions for other websites that can perform many of NorthStar Mapper’s functions:

  • Landview
    • Display recent and historical air photos
    • Display overlay info such as roads, lakes and streams, place names and public land survey boundaries
    • Display topographic maps as a background
    • Get a high-quality graphic (PNG format) of the map display
    • Find out where a Public Land Survey (PLS) township/range/section is located. Type the township, range and, optionally, the section you'd like to display into the “Place” search box using the format: TxxxRxxSx (e.g., T137R44 or T137R44S5).
  • Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online
    • Display digital copies of Minnesota air photos (1920-2000) found in the library's collection and available from DNR's Landview online map described above.
  • MnTOPO
    • Find the elevation of a point
    • Display a shaded elevation background
  • Minnesota Geospatial Commons
    • Find and download numerous geospatial datasets for Minnesota
  • Minnesota Geospatial Image Service
    • Display air photos, hillshades and topographic maps using a Web Map Service (WMS). The webpage explains how to use a WMS.
  • DNR Export to Image tool (requires ArcGIS 10 software)
    • Clip and save imagery
    • Article describing the tool’s features

If you have questions or comments about NorthStar Mapper, especially if you cannot find a replacement for a function it performed, please let us know at: gisinfo.mngeo@state.mn.us

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  • Navigate the state
    • Zoom-in to areas of interest
    • Jump to a city, county or township
    • Quickly find information about a place, including its population and elevation
  • Customize and print your map
    • View color air photos
    • Look at topographic maps
    • Mix-and-match place names, roads, boundaries, lakes and streams, parks, forests, land cover and elevation
  • Share your map with a friend
  • Download data for use with GIS (geographic information systems) software
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