Parcels and Land Records Committee

The Parcels and Land Records Committee (formerly the Digital Cadastral Data Committee and the Land Records Modernization Committee) works to promote research, education, implementation, and distribution of statewide guidelines surrounding the digital mapping of cadastral-related data; works to promote and facilitate the development and sharing of data throughout the state, region, and nation; and advises MnGeo.


Committee Leadership

Chair:  George Meyer, Otter Tail County, 218-998-8313,

Work Plan

2014 Work Plan (the work plan is being updated for 2016-17)

Planned Activities and Deliverables:

  • Parcel attribute standard
  • Parcel fabric standard
    • Create a parcel fabric data exchange standard (September 2014)
    • Provide the parcel fabric standard as a template to counties converting to that format
      • Use the Arrowhead GIS group as a pilot project
    • Create a process to rank the spatial accuracy of each county’s data
  • Statewide parcel data layer
    • Following the MnGeo Parcel Business Plan, create a statewide parcel dataset using the parcel fabric template (June 2015)
    • Create a service to feed the parcel data to other state agencies (June 2015)
  • Public Land Survey System data in a parcel fabric format
    • Take ownership of the BLM created PLSS40 parcel fabric data (December 2014)
    • Update and improve the data by incorporating county survey data (June 2015)
      • Use the Arrowhead GIS group as a pilot project
    • Help state agencies associate their PLSS40 based land records with this improved PLSS40 parcel fabric data. (September 2015)
  • Depending on the work load and agenda items, the committee will meet every other month.

Meeting Schedule

The next committee meeting:

Date/Time:  TBD

All meetings are open to the public.

Committee Activity Reports and Meeting Minutes

Publications and Links

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