Digital Elevation Committee

Final reportThe committee was sunset 3/22/17. A new 3D Geomatics Committee has been formed to carry on relevant parts of its work.

The committee worked to promote the creation of statewide digital elevation data that is consistently accurate and available to the public, and advises MnGeo.

The Digital Elevation Committee was formed under the auspices of the former Minnesota Governor's Council on Geographic Information on September 20, 2006, continuing the work of Minnesota's Digital Elevation Working Group which functioned for years on a mission to improve Minnesota's elevation data. The LiDAR Research and Education Subcommittee formed in August 2010.

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Work plan


  • Assist in the development of partnerships that support data collection projects
  • Deliver technical standards and information to partners to ensure coordinated data collection
  • Support data services that host data resources and deliver them economically



  • Maintain the committee's website containing all critical documents, white papers, guidelines, policies and best practices to meet a statewide elevation data goal
  • Advise the work team that is overseeing the Minnesota Elevation Mapping Project, especially in the areas of critical technical specifications, data collection costs, and guidelines to guide budgets
  • Compile and report on uses of LiDAR and other elevation data in Minnesota


  • Work with DNR and others to determine requirements to serve very large elevation databases
  • Establish architecture to optimize data access
  • Establish governance policies that assign roles and responsibilities for data import, maintenance and access applying that architecture
  • Work with the LiDAR Research and Education Subcommittee to review issues relating to standards, user needs for education, and similar topics.

Committee activity reports and meeting minutes

  • Committee activity reports:  See the Committee Reports webpage. Committee status report, Nov. 13, 2012 (p. 2-3)
  • Committee meeting minutes:  Click on a meeting date to view the minutes for that meeting (minutes are in PDF format).

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