Download Files on the Use of GIS in Emergency Management

These files were compiled by the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) to promote interest and understanding of the wide variety of GIS related programs that are emerging for use by the public safety and emergency management communities. Most of the files are in PDF format with a smattering of PowerPoints, zip files and videos. The information has been grouped into five general categories.

  • Introduction to GIS and Resources
    The files located here should be helpful in gaining a general understanding of GIS and the ways it can be used to support emergency management efforts.
    HAZard U.S.-Multi Hazard is a collection of files related to FEMA’s primary GIS disaster planning and mitigation program, HAZUS-MH. The program can be ordered from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for free using the form found in this folder. FEMA sponsors a variety of ways to get training as described in several other files.
  • Other FEMA GIS Outreach Programs
    Discussions primarily related to FEMA’s efforts to modernize floodplain information and make it widely available to the public.
  • U.S. National Grid
    This is an effort to interlock GIS and the basic hand map in a way that creates a uniform, easy-to-use methodology for geo-locating a point down to 1-meter. It has been endorsed by FEMA, the Federal Geographic Data Committee, the State of Minnesota, and several other major organizations with an interest in geospatial awareness during disasters.
    USNG Location Marker Proposal second draft
  • Other GIS Awareness Items
    A sampling of items related to programs such as HSIP and HSIN, as well as GIS use for Pandemic Flu.

The EPC does not endorse any commercial products which may appear in files referenced here. All information has been provided for educational purposes only.