Minnesota Flooding:  Maps and Geographic Data

This list was compiled by the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC).

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Featured Maps and Data

  • Maps showing the U.S. National Grid (USNG)
    from MnGeo and the Emergency Preparedness Committee

    Reference maps covering Minnesota, based on the U.S. National Grid system, show the location of schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, roads and political boundaries over an air photo background.

    A MapFinder tool on the webpage helps you locate the map that covers your area. Click on the graphic to the right to see a full-size map.

  • Flood and Elevation Data viewers and portal
    from the International Water Institute and the Red River Basin Decision Information Network
    • Interactive Flood Planning Map
      Includes flood forecast displays, flood extents (1997 and 2009), weather alerts, radar, weather forecasts, city and county contact information.
    • Flood Information Portal for the Red River of the North and Devils Lake
      One-stop shop for all flood-related information before, during, and after floods.
    • Red River Basin "LiDAR Viewer"
      View maps online, or save and print PDF maps (or download the elevation data). Includes all or portions of 45 counties in North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  Layers include:
      • Elevation:  2-foot contour lines created from high-resolution LiDAR data
      • Air photos
      • Street map:  reference information
      • Terrain:  shaded relief

  • Road Closures and Travel Information
    from the Minnesota Department of Transportation

    Links to online map viewers and PDF maps showing road closures statewide for state highways and county and local roads.

Other Reference Maps

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Minnesota Counties

WMS Services for GIS Software

WMS services are set up to provide access to air photos and other grid-cell data without users having to download and store large files on their own computers. The services are intended primarily for people using geographic information systems (GIS) software. Click here for instructions on connecting to a service using several commonly used GIS software packages.


  • Minnesota Geospatial Image Server from the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)
    in UTM coordinates
    • Air photos, statewide:  2010, 2009, 2008, 2003, 1991-92
    • Topographic quad maps
  • DNR
    Instructions for adding DNR services to ArcGIS
    • Elevation contours for Red River Basin (2-foot and 10-foot)

North Dakota

State Emergency Management Flood Information


Comprehensive Geospatial Site – Password Required

  • SharePoint website for Emergency Preparedness Committee members to share information (log-in required -- see forms to apply for access)

History of Flooding in the Red River Valley

  • A History of Flooding in the Red River Basin: U.S. Geological Survey poster, September 2007 (PDF, 4.9 MB)
    • Three-dimensional perspective image of the basin showing elevation shading, tributaries, cities, and USGS gaging station locations
    • Description of landform and weather factors that contribute to flooding in this region
    • Streamflow graphs
    • Photos of historic floods

Last updated April 8, 2013

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