Hydrography Committee

Final reportThe committee was sunset 3/22/17. A new 3D Geomatics Committee has been formed to carry on relevant parts of its work.

The Hydrography Committee existed to promote the consistent development of hydrography data and to enable data exchange through coordination, cooperation and standards development.

Work plan

  • Plan for an integrated approach to statewide hydrography data management
  • Plan for implementation, use and maintenance of the framework
    • Refine roles and responsibilities
    • Implement MN NHD data update process
    • Implement event creation and maintenance process
    • Foster development and sharing of applications and tools
    • Integrate DNR 24K hydrography data improvements into MN NHD (2008 EPA Grant)
  • Plan for future maintenance and stewardship of Minnesota Watershed Boundaries
  • Continue Phase 1 wetlands mapping activity and maintenance strategy
  • Continue development of storm water mapping guidance

Committee activity reports and meeting minutes

  • Committee activity reports:  See the Committee Reports webpage for activities from 2006 - 2009. Committee status report, Nov. 12, 2012 (p. 8)
  • Committee meeting minutes:  Click on a meeting date to view the minutes for that meeting.
    Scroll through the list for older meeting dates that are not displayed (minutes for a number of meetings are not available).

Publications and links

  • Watershed Standard:  Use this standard for designating watersheds in Minnesota.
  • Reach/Watercourse Standard:  Use this standard for designating rivers, streams, and ditches in GIS and other data applications.
  • Basin Standard:  Use this standard for designating lakes and wetlands in GIS and other data applications.

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