Technology Coordination

The State's vision for geospatial technology acquisition, development, deployment and management is enterprise-wide, providing high quality services available to all of State government and the State's partner organizations.

Enterprise Licensing

  • Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) for state agencies:  MnGeo negotiated and administers an ELA with Esri for GIS software for State government. This agreement has allowed the 17 participating agencies to save over a million dollars in annual license fees, enjoy reduced maintenance and support costs, as well as to acquire and use current versions of the software. The use of common geospatial software promotes sharing of routines, data and knowledge among state agencies.
    • ELA info (for state agency staff - log-in required)
  • Master Purchase Agreement (MPA) for local government and other groups:  MnGeo also participated in the negotiations for an Esri Master Purchase Agreement that allows state agencies and local governments to acquire and receive discounts on most Esri software products and services.
    • Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) program:  CPV members can participate in the MPA. Counties, cities, towns, townships, and school districts, as well as certain tax-exempt, non-profit entities and charitable organizations can apply to be CPV members. The CPV webpage provides a membership application and a list of contracts available to CPV members (the Esri MPA falls under: C-785(5) COMPUTERS: GIS SOFTWARE & USERS)

Service Coordination

MnGeo coordinates with agencies and other organizations that provide component services, such as image, geocoding, proximity, and query. For example: